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Shit I Gotta Fucking Get Done Notebooks #geek #chic #notebook

In your mind everything gets filed under the same list: Shit I Gotta Fucking Get Done. Just be honest and call it what it is. Uncensored and unapologetic, this handy little notebook helps you keep track of the shit you gotta fucking get done.


Why didnt we think of this sooner. I now need to convince some kids to play Simon says with me.


Funny pictures about A perfect combination. Oh, and cool pics about A perfect combination. Also, A perfect combination.

Grammar Nazis

Pardon the swear word, but it's true and I laughed when I read them aloud. - The Grammar Nazis have finally snapped. And that's Nazis, not 'Nazi's'.

The passive-aggressive Luddite signs.

17 Terrible Things About Coffee Shops


Eat shit and die=excuse me. Eat shit and die, mother fucker=excuse me, sir. Eat shit and die, bitch=excuse me ma'am.

Riccina... Please don't reply.

Job & Work quote & saying A lot of people I've met in my life are very flexible! The quote Description A lot of people I've met in my life are v

Scream until Daddy stops the car... ...as if!!! Daddy may have stopped the car…

"scream until daddy stops the car" New advertising take on "i scream you scream we all scream for ice-cream" haha

The Hidden History of Mother's Day

Anna Jarvis founded Mother's Day in 1908 -- and really wished she hadn't. Cristen dives in on this special edition of Stuff Mom Never Told You.


Married humor men funny household chores Ladies, if a man says he will fix it, he will. No need to remind him every six months. Heaven forbid we rush into things.

Fun: snelle internet verbinding als huwelijkstest

Before you marry a person you should first make them use a computer with slow Internet to see who they truly are. - Whitney Cummings - so true