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I hear that a hahaha cuz I really don't care all People. Do is talk shit and that involves people being haters ✌

Goodnight & f you

Will Ferrel Procrastination? No, I just wait until the last second to do my work, because i will be older therefore wiser then, True wisdom.

She's Sleeved blog

Chris Farley is awesome. jacksoninbmore Chris Farley is awesome. Chris Farley is awesome.


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Funny Friendship Ecard: I don't care what you think of me. Unless you think I am awesome. In which case, you are right.

If only I had the guts! Nope, gotta rise above and always treat others like I want to be treated

Funny ecard: From this point on, I plan to treat people exactly how they treat me. Some will be glad. Others should be scared ;

Or traumatize my dog by trapping him in the corner and putting the auction tube up to his fur..

I don't always do the vacuuming but when I do I spend of the time trying to suck up something I could pick up with my hands instantly The Most Interesting Man In The World

Me, too, buddy.... me, too!

If fear of divine judgement is the only thing keeping you ''moral'', at best, you're just a dangerous psychopath on a leash.

Or when someone interrupts me mid conversation and they ask "wait what?"

Or when someone interrupts me mid conversation and they ask "wait what?