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#ochwedding having a blast on slides. We may be away, but we're still being wished luck to winning our dream wedding The Old Course Hotel Golf Resort & Spa Scottish Wedding Directory

Chris and I first met back in 2004/05 and remained good friends going to under 18s rock clubs. We Got together in 2006. So much has happened since then and so much is yet to happen today. Getting married is a massive part that is missing and we'd love the opportunity to do so #OCHWedding, please choose us #OCHWedding @Claremont-Photography @Scottish Wedding Directory Magazine @PippasKitchen @oldcoursehotel

When it comes to planning your wedding you will have a lot of things to keep in mind.   You may become overwhelmed and there is nothing better than finding a way to decrease the stress you are experiencing. ...

15 DIY Wedding Decorations That Will Blow Your Mind!

My fiancé took his wedding in a box to work. It got hot in the kitchen for wall-e but hopefully it will be all worth it for him and we win #ochwedding @swdmagazine @oldcoursehotel

So glad @Pippa'sKitchen likes my ideas for a cupcake wedding cake. I hope I win and get to work with them - such lovely people #OCHWedding *Fingers crossed I win*

A Spectacular Two-Day Indian Wedding | We’re thrilled to share Sonia & Manny’s spectacular Indian wedding with you that can also be seen in the latest issue of WedLuxe Magazine| Photography by: Krista Fox Photography