#ochwedding having a blast on slides. We may be away, but we're still being wished luck to winning our dream wedding The Old Course Hotel Golf Resort & Spa Scottish Wedding Directory

At #dl2015. Having an AMAZING TIME!! let us win #OCHWedding and ill be the one bridal holding Chris Gray @swdmagazine @old

#OCHWedding - support from wonderful people. Please choose us to win Chris Gray and Jenna Goff

jlgoff1991It's great to have the family together again after the week away. Minions with Kevin and Chris . #family #ochwedding @oldcoursehotel @swdmagazine please choose us, it would make us so unbelievably happy and complete

At my aunties wedding enjoying a beautiful day and basking in unvanquishable joy and love. #OCHWedding *please vote for us to win*

So glad @Pippa'sKitchen likes my ideas for a cupcake wedding cake. I hope I win and get to work with them - such lovely people #OCHWedding *Fingers crossed I win*

a beautiful memory between Chris and I, when we were at my aunties wedding - Dancing in the background is us ( looking lovingly at each other) while the blushing bride is in the center with her new husband <3 #OCHWedinng *fingers crossed we win*

My fiancé took his wedding in a box to work. It got hot in the kitchen for wall-e but hopefully it will be all worth it for him and we win #ochwedding @swdmagazine @oldcoursehotel

The proposal, Please choose us to win. It seems just like yesterday we got engaged, but it really has been years now. I'd love to complete our love story and winning would do that for us #OCHWedding @oldcoursehotel @swdmagazine @PippasKitchen @Claremont-Photography

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