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While working onboard an international cruise ship, professional figure skater Alexandra Murphy experienced a major stroke.

Faces of Stroke: From Stroke to Champion - StrokeSmart

Researchers Find Far-Reaching, Microvascular Damage in Uninjured Side of Brain After Stroke - New research suggests the integrity of the blood brain barrier is compromised for days after an ischemic stroke. This can lead to serious, life threatening complications. Repairing the BBB could prevent further complications.

Researchers Find Far-Reaching, Microvascular Damage in Uninjured Side of Brain After Stroke

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A picture of Ryan and Ken Diviney that appeared on the front page of the Washington Post.  Photo by Carol Guzy

♥ breaking tale of a father's love and what caregivers give up to help others.Ken Diviney, father provides care for his son, Ryan, who remains in a persistent vegetative state after a traumatic brain injury caused by a brutal beating.

What is a Stroke? A Visual Guide to Understanding Stroke

Slideshow: A Visual Guide to Understanding Stroke

Hemorrhagic Stroke Hemorrhagic strokes are less common but far more likely to be fatal. They occur when a weakened blood vessel in the brain bursts. The result is bleeding inside the brain that can be difficult to stop.

travelling after a stroke

travelling after a stroke

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Faces of Stroke Ambassador: Julie - Julie Hyman, 51, had a stroke at 37. Like so many people, she ignored the warning signs of her stroke, feeling that she was too young to have a stroke.

Hear more about why Julie is a Faces of Stroke Ambassador for National Stroke Association's January 2013 stroke awareness mini-campaign about Quality of Life.