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Paired with a floral chiffon jacket (lined) by Narelle and some sparkle glamour, the cotton broderie shift dress upgrades into a daytime formal. Narelle wore this modest outfit when she sang at "Brass from the Past", a Princess Moment you can read about here:

Narelle enjoying a bush walk and harbour views with her niece on Somes Island, New Zealand. It was a very hot day, the outfit perfectly suited to the adventure.

Participating in outdoor activity doesn't mean modesty and femininity must be dispensed with. Nor should adherence to some modesty "code" be permitted to compromise a woman's safety. Narelle believes there's always a way to maintain balance.

Spring Bridal Fling and a Leather Jacket (modestly diverting fashion fun)

Wear the shirt under the dress instead of over it, change the hat -- voila! new outfit! The graceful princess lines of the dress are emphasized by a fringed hem and contrast top-stitching using a half-zigzag.

NO MORE SORE OR SILLY FEET! How I Turned My Shoe Blues into Happy Feet. >>> Have you ever been invited to dance but declined because you didn't have suitable shoes? Or maybe you accepted but felt awkward because your shoes fell off, hurt your feet, or just didn't look right with your outfit? I know how this feels, and I'm happy to tell you I've found a solution.