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DIY 20 Cute Christmas Decorations (Quick Last Min Ideas) -

Just in case you can't part with your scale, at least consider giving it a facelift. You are not a number. Health is more than a number. You matter so much more than what that number can convey.

HCG Diet

Morning Motivation (22 Photos)

Reason to lose weight: To no longer feel like the fat friend. This would be nice for a change.

To The People!

The dA-Zed guide to feminist activism

Protest sign: Gay power, black power, women power, student power, all power to the people.

Redefining Body Image  You don't have to cake on makeup, spend hundreds on brand names, and take hours to do your hair to be beautiful

Addicted To Life: I refuse to believe that processed beauty that I see around me is what I have to be

♥ Passed the NCLEX

believe If I have a daughter I will put this on the wall in her room. or a son!

Kate Winslet….So true, Kate.  We need to set an example for our daughters.  I believe they will truly be our leaders of the future.  <3k<3

wow this is so true. I gotta remember this if I ever have a daughter! I feel like we would live in a different world if girls were taught to love their bodies at an early age. Oh ya and I love kate winslet

Puts the fashion and modeling industry into perspective, doesn't it?

Funny pictures about The difference between Victoria's Secret and Dove. Oh, and cool pics about The difference between Victoria's Secret and Dove. Also, The difference between Victoria's Secret and Dove.

Bosses cancel ALL THE TIME. They reschedule, they push the meeting back 5 minutes, 10 minutes, how about next week? Bosses are busy. This is a stupid metaphor.

Day Two!

I don't cancel meetings with other people. I respect their time, and I sure as hell respect mine. I make a daily meeting with myself; sometimes at the gym, sometimes from my tread desk, and sometimes at the park. I never miss meetings with myself.

The previous comment said 'so true'...Ken would have to work out...maybe comb his hair. Barbie has to work out and STILL put on a corset AND push up bra, comb/curl/set her hair, paint on gallons of make up, accessorize...this pic pisses me off, won't lie.

We hear so much about the relationships between women and body image, but what about men? It's just as hard to be Ken as it is to Barbie. Women try fit the "thin ideal" that is Barbie.what is the "ideal" that Ken creates?

Pounds gained or lost do not make you any more or less lovable. You are loved for who you are not what you weigh. If someone only loves you if you are under or over a certain weight, they don't really love you.

I need to keep telling myself this. in maintaining weight loss, it's normal for weight to fluctuate. You are loved for who you are not what you weigh.

I love this. Don't let society define beauty, "Man looks on the outside, but the Lord looks at the heart."~1 Sam. 16

WARNING: Reflection in this mirror may be distorted by socially constructed ideas of beauty

Yep! I do and it has! Love my gym!

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Story to Tell

Story to Tell

Storytelling: honesty or exploitation? "Writers tend to write what they know. Which is a good thing, because when we write about things we don’t know – it makes for some pretty shitty reading material.