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I'm Temmie! Welcom to…da TEM SHOP!Check out the rest of the cards (Spoilers Beware)and yes i will be drawing Sans at some point

happy family doodles [mild undertale spoilers] by Okonominazi

Happy Family Doodles [mild undertale spoilers] by Okonominazi on DeviantArt.

The Hermit: Gaster

Gaster = Dadster headcannon The idea of him being a parent adopted or otherwise to Sans is charming XD


Undertale Tarot Card: Greater Dog (I don't know if Lesser Dog has one, or Dogamy and Dogaressa)

Toriel, Undyne, Sans, Frisk, Papyrus, Alphys, Asriel, Asgore, sunset, night, starry sky, heart, sunrise, flowers, smiling; Undertale

Undertale - Surface by GreyRadian on DeviantArt // Asriel.

Undertale Wallpapers no text by Toukans! @ToukansDesign - Album on Imgur

Undertale Wallpapers no text by Toukans! @ToukansDesign

Post with 5822 views. Shared by Toukans. Undertale Wallpapers no text by Toukans!