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A beautiful Simmental Bull, bred for meat and milk. They originated in W. Switzerland and progressed to many countries. Due to high impot, they are in the top list for imported cattle, in the world.

Blonde d’Aquitaine is a breed of beef cattle originating from the Aquitaine district in south west of France embracing the area of the Garonne valley and the Pyrenees. The breed is a combination of three local strains, the Garonnais, the Quercy, and the Blonde des Pyrenees. faut du lait de vaches Montbéliarde ou Simmental française

"Piedmontese" are from the Piedmont Mountain area of northern Italy. They are thought to be the product of two distinct breeds - the Auroch and the Zebu - fused and evolved over 25,000 years of natural selection to become the Piedmontese breed. The cattle are white or gray with black hoofs, switch, ears and nose. Piedmontese are double muscled with a long body, dished face and small black tipped horns.