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Norman Reedus is the best with his fans!

Yeah Norman kicks ass to all those pretencious famous!He's the real deal. No one has to pay a month salary to hug or kiss him and be away from him! He's not like them! He is sweet and kind and always has the time for fans.

The Walking Dead cast, I want season 5!

Chad L Coleman on

Norman Reedus kissing Melissa McBride on a plane with The Walking Dead cast

The Boondock Saints......freakin LOVE this movie!!!

My response exactly. Haha Boondock Saints is the best movie ever! So many great moments in that movie that you can apply almost anywhere!

I love the fact that he's had this shirt for ten years.  He still rocks it.

"Suddenly the Earth was shaking And I couldn't feel a thing as I saw him standing"

"I look once more at the image of Aidan Miller. Widower. Teacher. Someone quick to take a leap. A man running from one life to the next. What was his state of mind when he came to the North Shore last summer and into Nora’s life?"

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