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Vikings - Season 2 Promo I wonder how many people recognize George Blagden from the 2012 film, Les Miserables. He had just completed the Les Miz shoot when he reported to Ireland for the Vikings shoot. He is a very fine young actor.

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george blagden. guess I need to be catchin my ass up on this show cause...damn.

Can't wait for 'Vikings' tonight :) Athelstan better be okay! I'm seriously unable to handle another heart break at the hands of George Blagden.

((Open)) It was one of the rare moments R was ever seen without a bottle, or not in the DWA's boxing ring alone with a tattered punching bag. R's tired sober eyes scan the park he had been watching... Grantaire hadn't meant to be creepy... Just the happy children reminded him of his sister and his nephews. "Nice day, how come you're cooped up here?" (Y/c) asks. R chuckles, "The dark is nice for my complexion.."

George Blagden is Grantaire. He holds a special place in my heart.