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On The Home Front (1940)

On The Home Front (1940)

Drinking tea in London during the Blitz, June 1941.

A woman drinking tea in the aftermath of a German bombing raid during the London Blitz. 52 Powerful Photos Of Women Who Changed History Forever

British nurses in Sparkhill at the outbreak of WWII

Left : Muslim women in today's Sparkhill. Right : British nurses in Sparkhill at the outbreak of Sparkbrook/Sparkhill is a heavi.

British Helmets and Other Equipment in World War II

A World War Two British Army re-enactor. Not sure what's up with his web gear - I wonder if that's Great War era?

WWII home front ‘Own a Pig’ poster, at Onslow auction December 19

The first rule of Pig Club is (all together now!) you do not talk about Pig Club.

world war 2 propaganda posters - Google Search

"Salvage Up Housewives and at em - put out your paper, metal, bones Artist Yates-Wilson" from War Art in The National Archives (UK)

Rationing chart for 1940-1942 showing types of food and amounts allowed  Please remember that the amount actually available did not match this poster.

- January The United Kingdom started food rationing for World War II, starting with cutting down bacon, butter and sugar. This rationing chart for shows the types of food and amounts allowed.