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Oh, you don't have chronic illness? Please tell me more about how having a positive attitude will miraculously heal me | willy wonka

Willy Wonka is a rather condescending fellow. Willy Wonka shares a few truths about life in a condescending way in this hilarious Willy Wonka meme picture collection.

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An Open Letter To Every Angry Customer This Past Holiday Season

It is pretty funny when a customer argues with Perry, who has been selling and repairing vacuums for 34 years.

you say horseback riding isn't a sport - Google Search

I had a friend say "tell me when horsebackriding is in the olympics." I had a fun time with that. he walked right into that.

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A Creepy Condescending Wonka meme. Caption your own images or memes with our Meme Generator.

Oh MAH GOODNESS!  I can't even tell you how true this is! SERIOUSLY! I used to do this all the time! :P   #HomeschoolerTruths

The Best Of Homeschool Harold Meme

Throw in Gus' charm and Four's loyalty, Percy's smarts and Jason's Latin . . . evidently its too much to ask for.

I thought it said "Finnick like Finnick" and I thought 'Yes. I do need a guy who's Finnick like Finnick'

all i'm saying is... there's a reason the queen is the strongest piece on the chess board, and a reason why you win by killing the king.

There's a reason the queen is the strongest piece on the chess board. And a reason you win by killing the king.

I'm NOT a Twilight fan but this will def be my father's speech...and a part of me hopes so!

Twilight I would laugh so hard if my dad said this at my wedding. The only good part in twilight