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Depression, Mental Illness and Substance Abuse: One of the most telling risk factors for youth is mental illness. Mental or addictive disorders are associated with 90% of suicides. One in ten youth suffer from mental illness serious enough to be impaired, yet fewer than 20 percent receive treatment. In fact, 60% of those who complete suicide suffer from depression. Alcohol and drug use, which clouds judgment, lowers inhibitions, and worsens depression, are associated with 50-67% of suicides.

CPI strategies that can help if you’re ever confronted by a person with a weapon (read the whole post!

Does your relationship put you on edge? If so, you might be with a manipulator.

10 signs your partner is manipulating you

This staff development program and free checklist will help you meet your crisis response training needs!

10 Techniques for Teaching Sensitive Topics in CPI Training: Whether you're educating staff on workplace bullying issues, mental illness, or something else, you can steer resistance toward constructive learning.

Although many are harmed by a husband’s struggle with pornography, no one is harmed more than his wife. How does a pastor care and counsel a wife who has been harmed by her husband’s struggle.

When looking for a job, frame your search around the type of work that suits you best.

> Nouvel article publié dans la rubrique "SOCIETE/SCOLARITE" sur www.enfant.net - Harcèlement à l’école. Roux, bon élève, couleur de peau particulière, gros, garçon efféminé, garçon manqué, pauvre, handicapé … être différent à l’école est souvent source de harcèlement. Aujourd’hui, 10 % des élèves en sont victimes. L’utilisation des réseaux sociaux décuple ce phénomène. Le documentaire de Sophie Merle et Emma Rota, « Harcèlement, violence : quand l’école n’arrive plus à protéger nos enfants…

Low-income schools with high minority student populations tend to opt for severe punishments over medical or psychological interventions when dealing with

Financial abuse.   The abuser controls your access to money to increase your dependency on them and make it more difficult to leave them.

The abuser controls your access to money to increase your dependency on them and make it more difficult to leave them.

Life has its ups and its downs, and no one is immune from the mental effects of challenging times. Fortunately, whether you’re feeling down, anxious, or just wish to maintain a steady mood, natural…

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