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Sunny side up?! It's not an egg.... It's cheese!


【トトロおにぎりのお弁当】 |Mai's スマイル キッチン

Torotoro onigiri character bento box (made from rice, nori, and cheese)

Are you wondering what’s inside the piggy? It can be anything your kids like such as mashed potatoes, spaghetti, or a rice ball!

How to Make a Piggy Bento Lunch Box

Here's how to make an easy piggy bento lunch box using ham, an egg flower and tomatoes

Totoro bento


Epic little soot sprite onigiri with a little bit of Totoro and Catbus on the side makes for a box full of cuteness!

2014 5 23

2014 5 23

i always wonder how people have the time to make awesome bento for lunch.

“Văn hóa kawaii” trong ẩm thực Nhật Bản - Kenh14.vn

Totoro and Soot Sprites - bento lunchbox. I need to learn how to make these! (& have the time & patience!) + I just love TOTORO!

「おばけちゃんとかぼちゃのおにぎり!」の画像|naohaha's obent… |Ameba (アメーバ)

「おばけちゃんとかぼちゃのおにぎり!」の画像|naohaha's obent… |Ameba (アメーバ)