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10 African Kingdoms No One Talks About But Should

kemetic-dreams: “ Ajuran Empire century) The Ajuran Sultanate was a Somali Muslim empire that ruled over large parts of the Horn of Africa in the Middle Ages. The empire left an extensive.

Timbuktu Manuscripts showing Math & Astronomy.    Google Image Result for http://wpcontent.answcdn.com/wikipedia/commons/thumb/4/4f/Timbuktu-manuscripts-astronomy-mathematics.jpg/220px-Timbuktu-manuscripts-astronomy-mathematics.jpg

Timbuktu Manuscripts, Medieval African documents, detailing Mathematics and astronomy. The Great Kingdoms of Mali have hundreds of these ancient texts, untranslated and untapped sources.

This is a collection of the family trees of the kingdom of Spain. The former kingdoms of Aragon...

Monarchs of Spain family tree

Spain's Royal Family Tree starting with the Catholic Kings (Isabella and Ferdinand) till the present days

The Baltic Sea Anomaly - 2014, 14,000 Year Fossilized UFO/USO crash site, Shag Harbour Incident, Stunning Discoveries | Beyond Science

The Baltic Sea Anomaly - Year Fossilized UFO/USO crash site, Shag Harbour Incident, Stunning Discoveries

A plaque showing an entrance to the palace of the Oba of Benin.

With its mathematical layout and earthworks longer than the Great Wall of China, Benin City was one of the best planned cities in the world when London was a place of ‘thievery and murder’.

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nok-ind: “The Empire of ancient Ghana The empire of ancient Ghana created by the Mende (Soninke) with human habitation dating back to at least around BC. Ancient Ghana was located in what is now.

Somalia – Mogadiscio – La tomba di Scek Suffi

Somalia – Mogadiscio – La tomba di Scek Suffi

Somewhere on the hill that Villa Somalia sits on top of.

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A cartographic and photographic record of Mogadishu, Somalia, from the late century to 1990

Ancient city of Timbuktu

The cities of Gao, Djenne and Timbuktu boasted large mosques. Mosques were constructed from specially prepared mixtures of mud. During the century some of these historical structures fell into disrepair and eventually were replaced by newer structures.

Somali Traditional Dress & Attires | Picture Gallery - Page 5 - SkyscraperCity

Portrait of Somali King Cisman Mahamud with Italian officials during Scramble for Africa when he was held against his will