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Community Post: Canada Or A Just A Dirty Phrase?

it's an Aussie news channel tho<<< it says TORONTO 《 The location of the ducks was in Toronto, the chanel could be an Aussie chanel.<<< on behalf of all Canadian citizens ( including the moose ) i apologize for the inconvenience Australia

Where To Stay, Go and Eat in Banff National Park

A travel guide to the Canadian Rockies in Banff National Park - Alberta, Canada. Tips on where to stay, what to do and where to eat!

Real Name: Shae-Lynne Wiebe Country: Canada hello, I'm TheCartooner1996, I am 18, and I love draw, nuff said. here's my lion king chatroom… I dare you to not g...

IM CRYING I KNOW EXACTLY WHICH YOUTUBE VIDEO THIS IS FROM<<I'm lost. What video? I legit can't stop laughing tho<<< IS THIS CANADIAN PLEASE << That'd be my guess.

How Do You Make Money Posting on Pinterest?

How Do You Make Money With Pinterest? A detailed guide on making cash with pinterest pins. #pinterest

I think I have posted this about 8 or so times but it's my favorite picture of Mattie and Al I think it's great