Vogelhert Cave - 35,000 year old mammoth figurine made from ivory. It is one of the oldest pieces of art ever found.:

Vogelherd Cave, Vogelherdhöhlen - Year-Old Mammoth Figurine -- Length: 37 mm; Weight: grams -- Carved from mammoth ivory, this figurine is one of the oldest know pieces of individual artwork in the archaeological record.

Chauvet, engraving of an owl.  The paintings there are the oldest known, carbon-dated to approximately 33,000 years ago, almost twice the age of the Lascaux cave paintings.­­­ The dates have been a matter of dispute but a study published in 2012 supports placing the art in the Aurignacian period, approximately 30,000-32,000 BP

Chauvet Cave, the 2nd oldest known cave art in Europe

Chauvet Cave - New World Encyclopedia. The first "artistic" cave paintings discovered.

Monster Surf Exposes Rare Petroglyphs in Hawaii

Monster Surf Exposes Rare Petroglyphs in Hawaii ~~ Comments/pictures shared for your consideration.

McKee Springs Petroglyphs 1

Petroglyphs, Pictographs, and a Geoglyph: Rock Art of the American Southwest

McKee Springs Petroglyph, Dinosaur National Monument,[Utah & Colorado], anthropomorphic or human-like figures.

Prehistoric Cave painting | 35000 years ago | Ancient Art History

The earliest known cave paintings/drawings of animals are at least years old and are found in Pettakere cave on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia, according to datings announced in Previously it was believed that the earliest paintings were in Europe.

Human Figure. Amtmannsnes 2B, Alta, Norway. I pinned this here by accident, but now I'm leaving it.

I pinned this here by accident, but…

The Cave of the Swimmers, Egypt.   figures are about the size of a human hand.  The cave and rock art was discovered in 1933 by László Almásy.  The Neolithic rock paintings of people swimming, estimated to have been made 10,000 years ago during the most recent Ice Age. When found many people did not believe they could  represent actual swimmers. In 2007,Eman Ghoneim discovered an ancient Mega-Lake (30,750 km²) buried beneath the sand of the Great Sahara in the Northern Darfur region, Sudan.

Three Swimmers from the Foggini-Mestakawi Rock Art Site. "These have been famously called 'The Swimmers (?),' heralding a time when lakes scattered the landscape that is now the Saharan desert.

Ancient Pictographs - Amazing how people can deny the shape of the life forms depicted.  Arrogance.

Ancient Pictographs Many of the petroglyphs are pictographs, and some maybe ideographs, or symbols to represent ideas or concepts.

Pictographs (Native American rock carvings) - Eardley Canyon, Utah

Pictographs (Native American rock carvings) - Head of Sinbad, Utah

South Africa blombus original rock art


This picture intorduces the figures taking both an animal and a human figure. There types of things may be seen in the trance.