Whitetail deer with a big rack.

I would much rather shoot him with my camera and have the picture to brag about than kill him so he can't reproduce magnificent babies like him and have his stuffed head on my wall. Don't get me wron though , I have nothing against hunting what you are go

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~ Majestic !

Part I: Patterning Strategies By Jim Nelson Doesn't it seem like, right at the beginning of every bow season, we hear about a hunter who had all of his cosmic hunting cards fall into alignment and wound up shooting a world-class buck?

Deer naturally shed their antlers. see some great pieces of art and home decor made from naturally shed antlers - High Country Arts

Such a pretty buck, it sure would be hard to put him in he freezer lol

some sick loser made a joke about murdering this gorgeous creature. Hunters are nothing more than legal murderers.

10 1/2 yrs old

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