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3-Day Emergency Backpack Kits for 2 or 4 People: 3-Day Emergency Backpack Kits for 2 or 4 People

Emergency Backpack Kits for 2 or 4 People

DIY Bug Out Bag Infographic

DIY Bug Out Bag Infographic. Just make sure to pack your knives and guns along with the food water and clothes

Survival kit. Emergency money is a must even if you dont have a bag yet. After the tornado outbreak here, we only had about fifty dollars on hand. Always keep emergency money.

Safety Tips for Severe Weather

This is a great emergency kit idea for long car trips. -- You Can Put Together a 72 Hour Survival Kit Like a Prepping Pro! -by M. Creekmore on May 2014

DIY Disaster Backpack. A comprehensive emergency kit with all of the essentials for a natural disaster, fire, food shortage, recession, or other emergency so you can be prepared. Be ready with this preparation 72 hour kit for your emergency preparedness. What to get for your bag and tips for planning. Includes an escape plan, family meeting tips, etc.

DIY Disaster Backpack: Emergency 72 Hour Kit

DIY disaster backpack essentials for comprehensive 72 hour kit for emergency preparedness. What to put in your emergency DIY disaster backpack + other tips.

www.uberprepared.com - Look for loads of great survival gear, tools, tips and guides to help you survive!

5 DIY Mini Emergency Kits

i really like the thought of making separate kits for different things. one for sewing, one for first aid, one for fire starting. these tins are small enough that you could have a bunch in your glove box.

Having a Go-Bag or Tornado Bag is essential for every family!  You never know when disaster will strike. This post will help you put one together, tell you what to purchase and how to get deals on everything so you save money too!

72 Hour Checklist It is finally finished! The list for what you will need for your 72 Hour Emergency Go Bags/Tornado Bags/ or Emergency Kits is below. The whole idea behind this is to have a backpack for each person in your family.

Do you have an emergency preparedness kit? Here are ideas on how to create your emergency kit including free printables and checklists. I'll make it easy to be prepared!

How to Create An Emergency Preparedness Kit