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@lmount . . . we should make a cute custom book for Gracie when Baby Boy is born . . . the whole idea of a big sibling gift is pretty cute! Blue i Style: {gifts with style} Beckett's Big Brother Kit

Such a cute fucking idea you bet my child will have their own baby book shits rad! create a children's book for your own kid called "the day i was born" using your own personal pictures and pint size productions. Love this idea!


To my bigger brother :) yeah you look and tough but your the nicest brother in the world plus you'll kick any guys ass if they hurt me ;) you protect me

Audi R10

Audi Concept - Marouane Bembli is a designer from Stockholm, Sweden, who loves to create car concepts. The featured car is an Audi concept that he.

Joker's Updates - CBS Big Brother USA Season 18 - News, Live Updates, Spoilers, Chat, and more!:

Joker's Updates - CBS Big Brother USA Season 18 - News, Live Updates, Spoilers, Chat, and more!:

For my big brother & a special hero of all heroes in my heart and mind, Aaron. We're long all grown up, but I will never forget what kind of big brother you were to me and the friend continue to be to me. Thank you for all you did to instill an inner voice in your little sister that would always lift her up and make her feel loved---me. <3 You were and are forever adored.

Big Brother Vellum Strip

As a big sister myself, I love this quote! (Quick Quotes - Vellum Big Sister Quote : Sports Scrapbook Supplies at Scrappin` Sports Stuff)

YES I DID IT I HAD THE GUTS TO MAKE ANOTHER COMIC YES I Just, Hope I'll Finish It I Have Two Reasons Why I Made It : First , To Show My AU. I Prefer Making Comics Than Writting. Sec Of All Is, I'm ...

Updated on 29 February 2016 The reason why Spring Bonnie suddenly stopped working, is cause his systems were malfunctioning it does happen from time to .:Lost [FNaF AU Comic] Page 2 :.