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Relating Moments To Kpop

Like when people try to tell me that every kpop song is exactly like Gangman Style. Maybe with a bit more sass. And a high-five to the other person's face. I'm talking about me. I don't want Chen to hit Lay xD

non-hallyu fans will have no idea why this is an important phrase to learn in…

Dude, you have to see this

Because there's a reason he's making that face. Someone is about to be taught a lesson! so teach me .


You're Beautiful \\ Jang Keun Suk as Hwang Tae Kyung He really did look good with eyeliner.if only I dedicated enough time to makeup.

But y r those 3 words yixings entire life story

I wonder what my life was like before Kpop. it seems so long ago but was only 2 years.

KDrama Fighting! : 12 Things We Learned About Korea From Watching Kdramas

: 12 Things We Learned About Korea From Watching Kdramas kdramahumor

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So true and funny meme about doing homework and getting distracted by Kpop- so relatable!