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do you guys know what this sweet amazing talented boy has gone through? This is not okay! He doesn't deserve hate! He is in the biggest boy band in the world! If you don't like one direction, then freaking keep it to yourself! Don't make him cry! If you have ever said anything MEAN to this band or anyone in general, can you just say sorry?!<<<>>> DON'T HURT MY NIALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My poor baby>> I would fight that "fan" she doesn't even know.that's is so sad my poor baby.>> He doesn't deserve that! Ily Niall wow Niall doesn't deserve this whoever said is not a true directioner

Niall! Which 1D Lad Will You Start A Family With?

Which 1D Lad Will You Start A Family With?

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FEELS FEELS THE FEELS I JUST CANT<<< I feel weird reading imagines it's like it's not the real boys and more like someone made a character to represent them and just added their name and then put y/n and make you do stuff that you might not do... it's just weird... never mind. Keep scrolling.

HOLY FEELS awwwww i started drooling and ironically only happens when im reading a imagine or looking at something related