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Cancer and the taming of the dragon by kids: Dragon Fountain in the park of Versailles Palace by Gaspard Marsy erected in 1667. The dragon in the center of the 40 m pool is bedeviled by statues of children mounted upon swans. Astrogeographic position: both coorinates lie in emotional water sign Cancer sign of feritility, childhood, emotional independece identity and authenticity, islands, springs, pools and river beds. field level 4.

Reggia di Caserta - Italy The Fountain of Diana and Actaeon in the garden of the Palace of Caserta, composed by two marble groups, tells the story of Diana and Actaeon myth. One day, while hunting in a gentle wooded valley sacred to the godess, Actaeon stumbled upon her while she was bathing in a stream with her handmaidens. Intoxicated by Diana’s beauty, he hid himself in order to spy on her. But she caught sight of him and, true to her name as “the bloodthirsty goddess”, took h...