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HAN DYNASTY POTTERY COCOON VASE elaborately painted in unusual pastel color scheme, with patterned bands and swirled motifs; the egg-form with wide flared rim and splayed foot; L: 12 1/2";

Amazing Snaps: A jawdropping 300-foot staircase along a mountain face in the Taihang Mountains in Linzhou, China.

Mutuo is the last county in China with absolutely no road leading to it. County houses 1/10th of all of China’s flora. Millions of dollars have been spent in an attempt to build a road leading into it, but every effort has failed due to avalanches, landslides or mudslides. The only road that was ever completed was overgrown by wildlife within a matter of weeks. For those ready to go on foot, they must travel through frozen parts of the Himalayas before crossing a 200-foot suspension bridge.

Tianjin Eye: Tianjin, China

Tianjin, China. 394 foot tall Ferris wheel in centre of a bridge as diversion for commuters stuck in traffic. 48 capsules, room for 8 in each, rotation is 1/2 hr.

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2008.11.21 - A student walked to school Nov. 17 along the only path available near the village of Gulucan, Sichuan province, China. More than 60 farming families live in six isolated locations perched high above the spectacular canyon area. Some children must walk three hours to school along the mountain path, which has a 5,000-foot drop off one side. (Guang Niu/Getty Images)

Dirt road leading into the fog and into the forest at the foot of the Rocky Mountains | Flickr - Photo Sharing| Flickr - Photo Sharing! Description from I searched for this on