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The Star Wars Craft Book

The Star Wars Craft Book by Bonnie Burton features crafts for all ages, budgets, and skill levels.

HOWTO Make a Admiral Ackbar paper-bag puppet

The Star Wars Craft Book author Bonnie Burton is packing her San Diego Comic-Con bags with Admiral Sackbar and other galactic puppets!

Star Wars Craft Roundup

Geek Crafts: Star Wars Craft Roundup

Totally Awesome Homemade Star Wars Soap

Totally Awesome Homemade Star Wars Soap

Are your kiddos obsessed with the new Star Wars movie? You need to make this totally awesome Star Wars Soap with them to make bath time a breeze!

It's not a trap! In fact, you'll be recycling while making a cool puppet! Transform a boring paper bag into a sassy puppet of Mon Calamari military hero Adm ...

Admiral Sackbar Puppet

Celebrate all the Star Wars news by making my Admiral Sackbar Puppet Craft from my “Star Wars Craft Book” on Disney! Get my Admiral Sackbar Puppet craft instructions here!

Bith Band Spoon Set    http://star-wars.suvudu.com/2011/03/star-wars-craft-book-club-jades-craft-athlon.html

Bith Band Spoon Puppets by Bonnie Burton. Of course, now I want to make Ood spoons.

diy star wars toys... may or may not keep E satisfied for a couple of years before he insists on the "real deal"

DIY Star Wars toys