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Katy Perry a plus qu'une coifure bizarre ;)

Comme Rihanna et ses cheveux gris, retour sur les 10 coiffures de stars les plus folles

Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D katy perry part of me

Katy Perry's Film: Lessons from a Scorpio

Katy Perry

Asked my husband, what do you think.   - she looks skinny.      K   Too thin thank you. Cause I will never be too thin( <140# cause bmi is craycray estimating me at 143# and that's me at my low in college, a healthy girl eats fruit and bread+dairy, plus RD/LDN)

Katy Perry In preparing for a vogue photo shoot, Katy Perry said she was not always comfortable with her skin, so she wore a lot of makeup to cover it up.

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Katy Perry as Sophia Masterson in 'The Third Lover': http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GZPVUOE

Katy Perry: ‘Actors work harder than pop stars’. I think that Katy here is absolutely legit. She works really hard and doesn't back down until it is finished.

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Katy Perry Braid-Wrapped Ponytail : Multi-Colored Hairstyle

Katy Perry Sleek Blue Ponytail

Katy Perry Ponytail - Katy Perry wore her multi-colored hair in a braid-wrapped ponytail at the 2012 Kids' Choice Awards.

Katy Perry

Katy with sunflower in her hair.

Katy with sunflower in her hair.