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Hetalia-Red Police-Spain

Antonio Fernandez Carriedo<-- Fusosososo~ I am the Red Police~

This is perfect X3 X3 X3 SO CUTE!!! BUT and Matthew, Lovino, and Ludwig

The BTT and BTT Second Gen (Matthew, Ludwig, Lovino) hanging out when the older guys get drunk and fall asleep. I just love how responsible all three kiddies are, tidying up after their guardians (and that it's Mattie who initiates it). - Art by Kazusaka

Really, what did happen? They all went to really silly and adorable to extremely hot and bad rear! England, America, Prussia, Spain, France, Canada. Hetalia!

Hetalia ~ England, America, Prussia, Spain, France and Canada

The Civil War one is hilarious XD Kissing himself haha <3 Hetalia. Kisses of Spain, to and from other countries~!

The Civil War one is hilarious XD Kissing himself haha Hetalia. Kisses of Spain, to and from other countries~! - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Spamano. Sadly this is my relationship

Oh gosh, Romano is going to be ANGRY. <-- RiP Spain, you lived a nice life.

Romano and Spain | France and Canada | England and America | Prussia and Germany | Hetalia

Fun at the Beach with Hetalia . France Spain Prussia England Romano Germany America Canada I wish to go this beach

This brings up my headcanon that Romano looks more like Rome than Italy does. << accepted

Thank Doitsu someone finally pointed it out! Romano does, in fact, look very much like grandpa Rome. Even more than feliciano. Plus he is southern Italy and that's where Rome is!

Headcanon: When America is too nervous (embarrassed) to go to England's room, he goes to Spain's, because he feels like the two are really similar. Romano does the same, except with England. Neither of the older guys can refuse them because it's too nostalgic.

This is so sweet. It has nothing to do with pairings. Nothing about those other things you find in fanfics. It's all about that fatherly love that England held for America and that Spain held for Romano. I love this! -- Aww, this is too great!

Romano and Spain HetaOni

I think what happen here is that Romano told Spain that one day he is going to die cause north and south Italy become one. And as Romano to Spain he just broke down cry and realize how much he loves he.