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street harassment | Stop Street Harassment sticker, Rockridge.

Two extremely violent, tragic crimes in recent weeks serve as harrowing reminders that street harassment must be stopped.

Excellent exposition of harassment AND excellent example of a worthwhile use of infographic format. (Extends beyond what is visible on the pin)

next time someone says women aren’t victims of harrasment, show them this

A comic illustrating the difference between sexual harassment and compliments. Excuse language

crazysexyfierce: “ pleasestopbeingsad: “ Street harassment is not a compliment. There is a HUGE difference between a genuine compliment and the shit idiots say to you in the street.

As someone who used to get harassed every time I walked outside when I lived in Chicago, I would have LOVED if someone would have come to my defense. Simply because then the harasser loses their sense of power by being called out and looking like an idiot in front of another person

It’s International Anti-Street Harassment Week. This graphic from Hollaback, a non-profit dedicated to ending street harassment outlines common excuses for inaction, and offers 5 ways to take actio…

18 Kickass Illustrated Responses To Street Harassment - these are fantastic

Responding to street harassment can be scary and frustrating. These illustrated responses take it on with humor and verve.

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Speaking of Kamala Harris, a handy guide to street harassment etiquette - The Washington Post

North Carolina bathroom bill, discrimination against transgender people

North Carolina bathroom bill, discrimination against transgender people, about trans rights and rape culture

Put them in your shoes: | 24 Suggested Reactions To Catcallers

24 Suggested Reactions To Catcallers

Catcalling and street harassment - why can't you just take a compliment?