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A necklace to show off your bisexual pride!

Bisexual & LGBTQ+ Pride Necklace sold by The Rainbow Spoonie. Shop more products from The Rainbow Spoonie on Storenvy, the home of independent small businesses all over the world.

He/Him Pronouns – Transgender Flag

He/Him Pronouns – Transgender Flag Pinback Button

Too Queer for your binary<<<me exactly. or also "to much fabulous to fit in your binary" ☺️

Queer Too Queer For Your Binary Political Patch by KraftyQueer

Trangender and Genderqueer Pride Buttons

Trangender and Genderqueer Pride Buttons

Respiratory Therapy STudents are STRESSED! Give them a gift that will express what they are feeling.

20 Ways To Show Pride On Your Nails

20 Ways To Show Pride On Your Nails

It seems only fitting to post some rainbow nail art today to celebrate the landmark gay marriage equality decision.

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A picture of all the different flags belonging to different sexualities.

Ladder Stitch Bracelet. Best tutorial I’ve found for this ever.  DIY Ladder Stitch Bracelet. This tutorial is so good because unlike lots of tutorials I see, this has the amount of cord and thread you’ll need whether it’s a 1 wrap or 5 wrap bracelet. There’s also a really good video that’s helpful for people like me who learn visually. Tutorial and video at Lima Beads here.

Learning the Ladder Stitch. About this Tip: The ladder stitch is vital in creating wrap bracelets. In this video, you'll learn how to use the ladder stitch to create a simple single-wrap bracelet.