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Even if you haven't discovered your creativity yet, you may find you already identify with this list of traits!

My Poetry Slam: Freestyle Fridays

Creative People Easily bored Risk takers outside the lines think with their heart Make lots of mistakes Hate the rules work independently change their mind a lot have a reputation for eccentricity Dream Big

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It was so hard to admit that some things were too soiled to ever become clean

She stayed too long and that goes back to what she's always done. When there was a mess, she would clean it up. And I think that's one reason why she stayed as long as she did. It was so hard to admit that some things were too soiled to ever come clean.


Trust our hunches they. They are usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level Dr Joyce brothers

Why not let them know???

An inspirational quote by Jill Scott about the value of Compliments: “I just think it's silly to be stingy with compliments. If you see someone and they strike you as beautiful in any way, why not let them know?

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Check out motivational quotes that we've gathered about goals, change, dreams, and more!

Tumblr Quotes

Live Life Happy Quote: Don’t feel guilty for doing whats best for you. – Unknown The post Don’t Feel Guilty for Doing Whats Best appeared first on Live Life Happy.


Quote : "Whatever you do, don't quit. Because, as hard as it is to stick with it, starting over is even harder. Keep showing up.