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I like the tattoo but not the placement

26 Inspirational Swallow Bird Tattoo Designs, Meaning and Symbolism

what if you do just one bird like this? I think these are pretty. @Jackie Golonka

Swallow tattoos were first a classic sailor’s tattoo, representing travel and freedom and the symbol of eternal return. It can also signify homesickness, since in spring the swallow always returns to the place it came from the previous year.

Bird tattoo @jen Brady matching on our foot.... Think Tim would let me?

Swallow: symbolizes hope, loyalty and new love. Swallow tattoos can often symbolize the rebirth of life itself. You can tattoo a swallow for good luck and protection, and also to portray good intention, strength and agility.

50  Lucky Swallow Bird Tattoo Meaning and Designs – Fly in The Sky

50 Lucky Swallow Bird Tattoo Meaning and Designs – Fly in The Sky// Deep blue coloe

#swallow #bird #tattoo..like this but a cardinal in red?

Dove tattoo, minus the head part. It'd be like the new testament version of the fish symbol! :) thinking of it.

swallow shoulder tattoo - 50 Lovely Swallow Tattoos  <3 <3

100+ Lovely Swallow Tattoos

Sparrow Tattoo Meaning. <---Dear person who said this, that bird is in fact a swallow, not a sparrow.

Birds Tattoos For You: Traditional Swallow Bird Tattoo

"Love the idea of getting only one swallow tattooed. It's said that they only have one partner their whole life. So I just have to find my swallow. And the key could resemble the lock I'm trying to find.