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Araba mezarı

Arman - Long Term Parking 1982 - Accumulation of 60 automobiles in concrete - Parc de sculpture Le Montcel, Jouy-en-Josas, France

French street artist Patrick Commecy has been giving the buildings around France face-lifts as he revitalizes and transforms old, monochromatic facades into massive, vibrant, and realistic frescoes. From residences to offices and abandoned buildings, Commency has designed and produced more than 300 paintings in France and around the world. Commecy and his team of artists use trompe-l'œil to bring city walls to life, an art technique that was popular during the Baroque period. Trompe-l'œil…

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Patrick Commecy trompe-l'oeil Mont Blanc

Les trompe-l'oeil de Patrick Commecy égaient les rues

Mural depicts 20 pioneers of mountaineering on the side of the first Guides Office within view of Mont Blanc.

Стрит арт - французский стиль фасадов домов|Интересыч

French artist Patrick Commecy and his team of muralists transform dull and boring facades around France into vibrant scenes full of life. A mural depicting 20 pioneers of mountaineering on the side of the first Guides Office within view of Mont Blanc.

Patrick Commecy, a talented street artist from France, makes these mind-bending hyper-realistic wall paintings. Read more at http://designyoutrust.com/2016/07/french-artist-creates-mind-blowing-trompe-loeil-illusions/#OuA8zg2Sc78rxpUC.99

French Artist Creates Mind Blowing Trompe-L’oeil Illusions

He Transforms Boring City Walls Into Vibrant Scenes Full Of Life

You'd half expect to find hotel patrons leaning on these balconies and taking in the stunning views.