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(via Look of the Week: Ton-sur-Ton at Tales Of Endearment)

(via Look of the Week: Ton-sur-Ton at Tales Of Endearment)

'did you just lock me in, or out?'

I stared at Marie. The lies, the whispers. This was the "nice" girl. But in truth she was everyone's enemy.

I don't know what this is, but I think it has something to do with the Scarlet Witch

" Thea gasped and reached for her hunched over friend but sparks shocked her hand away, "Oh Merlin." "I'll get Nurse Kiki. Thea stood there absolutely hopeless watching her friend in pain.

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The three headed dog Cerberus guardian of the underworld

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"Four years working in one of Americas largest trauma units, New York was my home and I love every minute of it"

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her anger was stemmed from pure anger and a lust for power and blood

ᴘɪɴᴛᴇʀᴇsᴛ // @dreamerextraordinair ✧

ᴘɪɴᴛᴇʀᴇsᴛ // @dreamerextraordinair ✧

Heavy is the head that wears the crown....stop worrying, sleep soundly.

Heavy is the head that wears the crown.stop worrying, sleep soundly.

I love his converse

i never knew the sound of converse slapping against linoleumm would be so intimidating. However, satan somehow made it all the more fearful

"are you certain?cause the scent of terror clings to your band like the aroma of herbs to a hedge witch."

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