40 Artistic Home Studio Designs. Here To Inspire You.

40 Artistic Home Studio Designs. Here To Inspire You.

Gisèle d’Ailly van Waterschoot van der Gracht, Artist and Publisher / Amsterdam, The Netherlands, photo by Jordi Huisman.Courtesy of Freunde von Freunden: Friends.

20 Inspiring Artist Studio Designs

20 Inspiring Artist Studio Designs

let's work from your house today, okay? homewrk is a collection of workspaces, art studios, craft rooms, offices and all the little beautiful things that fill them up.

The open air loft style is really cool and quirky... but the artist of this studio has some serious attention deficit disorders.

Atelier ~ This is the beautifully bohemian (and slightly mad) small world of French artist Ronan-Jim Sevellec. At 80 years of age, his most recent exposition was in 2012 and saw his boxes of tiny artist’s workshops and old antique rooms displayed in v


Most of us, these days, have a space at home devoted to work: a home office, a studio, or just a simple desk in the corner of a room where .


Geninne's homes always look so stunning, and practical at the same time! Beautiful Furniture for Storage of Art Supplies and paper organization - love the three bulletin boards

Старинный замок во Франции  За последние десять лет художница Клер Баслер и ее партнер Пьер сменили немало домов, один удивительнее другого. Было время, когда они обитали в перестроенной парижской кухне и в бывшей провинциальной школе, а теперь чета обосновалась в Шато де Бовуар, расположенном в центральной части Франции.

The hostess Claire Basler at work in the studio, which she pays for eight hours…

mon studio caché au grenier

An attic studio space. - If we get an house with an attic, I can make Sarah a little space for her beads.

Those wooden flat lay files

Creative Work Space ~ Wendy Addison's studio - love the wood file (Cool Art Studio)