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Chizu (now geiko) of Pontocho

Chizu (now geiko) of Pontocho

Mamesuzu by Makoto-san (luv Mayuha), via Flickr

9 Principles of Japanese Art and Culture: Wabi-sabi (imperfect) Miyabi (elegance) Shibui (subtle) Iki (originality) Jo-ha-kyu (slow, accelerate, end) Yugen (mysterious) Geido (discipline and ethics) Ensou (the void) Kawaii (cute)

The Kimono Gallery

geisha-kai: “ Tokai Ebisu 2010 with maiko Kosen and Sakiko (SOURCE) During the New Year period Kyoto citizens visit the Ebisu Shrine to meet with maiko and shrine maidens.

April kanzashi: butterfly. Toshikana from Miyagawacho

Geisha under the sakura (Kyoto, Japan) by marcusuke, Taken on Apr 2012 by Marcus

とし夏菜 (宮川町) -先笄- : ぶらりねっと

Toshikana with the sakkou hairstyle - final one of maiko’s career (SOURCE) She’s now a geiko!

Maiko Mamefuji January 2015 舞妓になって二度目の始業式で紗月さんに続いて、実佳子さんとお花成績2位を二分したそうです。舞妓一年目からあっという間に人気舞妓になりました。上唇にも紅を注...

Maiko Mamefuji (retired) of Gion Kobu


Maiko Kimika during her sakkou period - when a maiko is in the last stages before becoming a geiko or geisha. May Photography by watanabe san.