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Just because election season is heating up doesn’t mean it’s time to walk around barefoot. It’s still cold outside and your toes are beggin’ to Feel the Bern. If you’re planning on punching your ballo

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Deaths from all U.S wars combined = 1.4 million. Domestic deaths from guns since 1968 = 1.5 million. -- we have declared war on ourselves and don't even know it.

Photo published for Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse says there are more U. jobs in solar industry than coal mining

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It doesn’t matter what your opinion is. What matters is that you have one.

Election 2016: The Media And Their Power

18 CEOs Called Out By Bernie Sanders For Taking Trillions In Bailouts, Evading Taxes, And Outsourcing Jobs

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Protesting school segregation in 1963, Bernie Sanders arrested.

Arrest photo of young activist Bernie Sanders emerges from Tribune archives

"Chicago police officers carry protester Bernie Sanders, 21 years old, in August 1963 to a police wagon from a civil-rights demonstration." by cooneyes in SandersForPresident