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paladin fusions SU style | voltron legendary defender | pallura | punk | (5/9)

SU Paladin Fusion Art: Pallura Pidge + Allura and Punk = Pidge + Hunk

I don't know what Noya moment in the comic is the best the people running around in his eyes, Dadchi not letting him have sharp objects, or wondering how to activate the flames.

Noya no <<< "How do you activate the flames"

Pidge and Coran

wasn’t there a thing about Pidge being a hoarder hahah

*spits out tea*

I thought Lance was gonna yell "I am not gay! And I'm dating Allura!" And Keith would just bust down the door and say "that is not correct!

he really couldn't stand the guy>> yeah he was like boi if you say one more thing about an alternative universe Ima break yo face

First and only time he loses his tmeper like that so funny that scene afterwards as he screams at clav and the other two are there😂