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Brushie brushie brushie

Brushie brushie brushie

Funny pictures about Brushing A Bat. Oh, and cool pics about Brushing A Bat. Also, Brushing A Bat photos.

Relatable stuff pt 2 - Imgur

Relatable stuff pt 2

Relatable Post: When people offer to buy me food: Dean Winchester, Jensen Ackles gif.

would never imagine doing this but some pretty funny shit right here!!!

I can't stop laughing.why is this so funny.i think it's funny bc i'm trying to imagine the dentist's face lol XD

You heard the one about the camel and the sheik...his camel smoked him in the dessert sand.  Hee hee

Smiling Camel - Smiling Animals Photography and I thought it was called"Camel Toe" not "Camel Teeth !" ~Too funny~

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The song is "this girl is on fire." And grumpy cat wants to toast marshmallows over her?

Because that's where God would choose to be heard...Walmart.....

Other - Type a Nameokay. You know what, I wasn't that drunk. You walked into walmart and when the voice came on over the intercom you dropped to your knees and screamed 'GOD HAS SPOKEN.