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Texas Electric Rates | 855-387-6819 | Your Power to Choose

Compare Texas electric rates from top rated energy companies in Texas. Use your power to choose Texas energy and shop Texas electric rates today!

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"You gotta do what you gotta do to stay cool." -- This is true. I have, unfortunately, set up a similar contraption in my previous car. (oh, and also pointed a fan directly at my computer to keep it operable) Being a poor college student sucks.

9 Heat Wave Hacks You're Doing Wrong

Dont let this be you this summer. The heat has finally arrived so let Airtech service your air conditioning system today so you can stay comfortable and focused all through the summer months!

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Xiaomi is bringing cinema tech to a living room projector

When it comes to home theater setups, high-quality projectors have traditionally been the pricier way to enjoy your movies. Now, however, Chinese tech company Xiaomi is hoping to change that with its.

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A home solar power system uses the sun’s energy to generate electricity. Installing a solar system helps you save money on electricity and also adds aesthetic appeal to your home. A solar power system consists of one or more solar panels,

The unicorn of cheap clean home energy will most likely be found in an affordable solar roof that doesn't look like a solar roof, and that can pay for itself quickly. This startup may have developed it.

Forward Labs solar roof promises higher production, lower cost than Tesla's

Modern farmhouse in Dallas, Texas - farmhouse - Exterior - Dallas - Olsen Studios siding is Hardie board cut in different shapes for visual interest, painted light grey

Oil Drilling Rig, Hennessey, Oklahoma

Oil Drilling Rig, Hennessey, Oklahoma--sometimes I miss where I grew up.

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East Texas Oil Field | Anadarko Petroleum Corp. (APC) is teaming with private equity giant ...

Transfac’s expertise in Oilfield Services grew out of our experience providing specialty finance solutions to the Transportation and Trucking industry.