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A Simple Guide to Teaching Resilience

This poster is great because it shows that praise is useful in the correct situations and when it is the correct type. Also being there for students in other ways is another way to motivate them since students are more than just what you see at school.

Yoga Positions Mom and Kids Could Try Together #infographic

Yoga Positions Mom and Kids Could Try Together #infographic #Yoga #Health #Fitness

CHALK - Classroom Decor: SMALL BANNER, When you enter this classroom - music

Please download the PREVIEW file prior to purchasing to review ALL available PRINTING OPTIONS for this purchase.PREVIEW file includes instructions on:* How to print banner at* How to print a smaller size banner/ poster* How to print banner with Adobe ReaderCharacter Education Banner - Decorate your classroom with this bright, colorful character education banner.

Resisting Peer Pressure can be really hard for kids of any age. The Boys Town Press has great resources to help kids learn this important skill. I

What's Under Your Cape? A Book Study Blog-Hop

File this under Growth MIndset tools! This is a wonderful anchor chart. Perhaps one of the few times I might include the "what not to do" when coaching, teaching or modeling!

Health Lesson: Peer Pressure Role-Play Task Cards Activity

Role-Play Task Cards: Help Your Students Improve Their Assertiveness Skills. You'll be amazed how well these task cards work! Task cards are simply your activity divided into cards, each with one part of the task. You barely need to give just get it…This resource includes 5 different role-play scenarios (60 task cards) with these important teen topics: 1) Alcohol 2) Drugs 3) Bullying 4) Sexual Pressures 5) Dangerous Decisions. It also includes 5 follow-up activities.

I would like my older kids to do something like this. They are 13, 14, and 17. I think it could really help them learn how to handle their worries in a lot better way, rather than having the typical teenage meltdown