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The cover to Fatale #11, art by Sean Phillips & Dave Stewart

The first of four standalone FATALE FLASHBACK issues, and a perfect place for new readers to jump on board. Welcome to California, a hard place to be for a …


Wolverine and the X-Men (Marvel) by Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo. Cover by Chris Bachalo.

Captain Marvel by Joe Quinones

Captain Marvel, lover of flight, can fly no longer! What keeps the super hero from being super heroic? Find out why Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel, is one of the fan-favorite characters of the year.

Marvel Comics iPhone covers... Wolverine or Hulk? Oh hell, I'd love any of them.

Marvel Comics iPhone covers i need one! (although sadly i don't have an iPhone :( )

Uncanny X-Men V2 #16

Uncanny X-Men (Marvel) by Kieron Gillen and Daniel Acuña. Cover by Daniel Acuña.

1.jpg (1920×2951)

Alpha, inarguably the greatest super hero of his or any past and future time, has been restored to power by the Superior Spider-Man! He's saving damsels in distress! He's leaping tall buildings! He may have accidentally murdered someone!

Avengers Assemble # 11 Marvel Comics