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"Hundreds of women in Gauteng donned their sneakers to take part in the Global Million Women March for Endometriosis. The 2.5 km walk is part of a global campaign to highlight endometriosis awareness."

What a great article! One endo survivor talks about how she struggled with endometriosis and decided to start making jewelry to raise awareness. You can read the full story here and her blog here

"Diagnosing endometriosis is hard, but treating it turned out to be worse." An **amazing** writeup about endometriosis from Liz Blocker. I related sooooo much to this, it is dead on and I found myself thinking back to when I was first diagnosed and going from doctor to doctor to try and find **any** treatment that wouldn't leave me worse than I started.

In line with the demands of her crown, the newly-crowned Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2015, Miss Unoaku Anyadike, has said that she will devote her reign to creating awareness of the dangers of #endometriosis in females.

New Gene Delivery System Seen to Effectively Treat Endometriosis in an Animal Model

Researchers at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University, in China, synthesized a gene delivery system that effectively to treat #endometriosis. Their work, detailed in the study “Hyaluronic acid reagent functional chitosan-PEI conjugate with AQP2-siRNA suppressed endometriotic lesion formation,” was published in the International Journal of Nanomedicine.

App launching to help better understand endometriosis - Lifestyle - NZ Herald News

Recent ‪#‎endometriosis‬ conference in Saskatoon Canada goes well discussing what women face with drawn out diagnoses and highlights the need for a better method of detection.

#Endometriosis: Pain so bad I wanted to die was not just 'bad periods' - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Recognizing #endometriosis advocates: Deborah Bush « Global information and news #endo #womenshealth #chronicillness #chronicpain