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Beauxbatons // French School of Witchcraft and.


Ruins of St-Etienne-le-Vieux - France

| b l o o d • o f • t h ε • r o s ε s | ᵩ

| b l o o d • o f • t h ε • r o s ε s | ᵩ

I think i would like the venue to be something like this. In the middle ages marriage ceremonies actually happened outside the church doors. So I think this could be cool as a way for the peasants or rebels to still stay true to their heritage

The Stone House Forest Park Portland Oregon photo. Stone House (aka Witches Castle) in the towering pine trees in Forest Park, near downtown Portland, Oregon. Covered in green lichen, moss, and ferns. An abandoned structure from the

©Max ConradEltz castle.  There something about this castle that calls my attention :)

island of silence — ©Max Conrad Eltz castle Mehr

What if winter is not a place outside?

What if winter is not a place outside?

I wonder if i could convince Rhain to build this in the backyard... This is a magical place! I would love to see it!

mossy arches other info?


An actual ghost town,beautiful

Ancient Ruins Forest Nemophilist Sanctuary

old, fantasy and fountain image on We Heart It


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Красивые, безлюдные места

Красивые, безлюдные места

Time is off in this magic place

another staircase .To the underground by Sven Fennema

An old abandoned clothing factory in Maryland.

An abandoned clothing factory in Maryland. This album shot bydr_kim_veis makes me ask so many questions!

Abandoned chateau

"Chateau Oublié - Belgium" -- [A Forgotten Castle]~[Photograph by Off-Limits (Joachim) - March 15

Ghost Town -- If you think about it, every city is a potential ghost town - people who don't look at you like you don't exist. You cary the ghost town with you wherever you go. -You- are the(ir) ghost. ©Maria Sebastian

An actual ghost town,beautiful