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Beans, regardless of type or form, are a nutrient rich food and should be encouraged as part of an overall healthy diet.  Read more: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/canned-beans-or-cooked-beans.html#ixzz359okLLp6

In a nutshell, buy tinned beans if you want a quick meal, but buy the 'no salt added' variety, and use the juice too!

African Food Experts Slam US Human GM Banana Trials

FYI-Guide to tell if the food you are about to buy has been Genetically Altered. A conventionally grown banana would be: 4011 An organic banana would be: 94011 A genetically engineered (GE or GMO) banana would be: 84011

Recipe for Quinoa with Black Beans. Gluten Free and vegetarian quinoa recipe.

Quinoa with Black Beans

Quinoa with Black Beans ~ "If you are a quinoa hold out but love Mexican food, this dish will convince to make quinoa a regular part of your dinner menu. Skinny Quinoa with Black Beans is both gluten free and vegetarian.

Peruvian Artichoke Heart Salad

If you find fresh artichokes during the summer, it's worth using them for this salad, or use artichoke hearts preserved in oil found at the deli counter. Avoid the canned ones in brine, as they won’t

Best Nutrition Bang for Your Buck

When measured on a cost per serving, cost per weight, or cost per nutrition basis, fruits and vegetables beat out meat and junk food.

Kids Welcome : Gone are the days when restaurants needed to serve processed chicken nuggets to appease little ones. Today's smaller set is savvy (as are their parents!) and appreciative of more creative child-friendly options. These restaurants across the country go beyond the typical kids' menu with organic options, international adventures and mini versions of adult entrees. Parents will appreciate that many have an activity component, too, curbing tantrums (most of the time) and allowing…

Best Family-Friendly Restaurants : Food Network

Ginny Kisch Messina

Ginny Messina: Vegan Dietitian Nutritionist Ginny is a dietitian specializing in vegan nutrition and the co-author of Vegan for Life: Everything You Need to Know to be Healthy and Fit on a Plant-Based Diet.

When study volunteers drank beetroot juice, it calmed their sympathetic nervous systems and lowered blood pressure and heart rate.

Could beet juice cause vertigo and other side effects by dropping blood pressure too low, in conjunction with blood pressure pills?


As America grapples with its obesity epidemic and other diet-driven health problems, interest in healthy plant-based eating continues to rise.

Meal time mistakes

A fast food restaurant chain discovered that Japanese women don't like to eat big burgers because they are ashamed of opening their mouths .

Are You Eating the Right Amount of Fruit?

Are You Eating the Right Amount of Fruit?