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Every object in the solar system larger than 200 miles in diameter from largest to smallest, top to bottom.

Here’s another chart comparing the size of all major solar system objects. I’ve turned it on its side so that it fits better on the page… Wow! That's smart idea about the sizes of the planets!

It's said that eyes are the windows to the soul...eyes look like windows to the universe to me #justmythoughts

Dont you thing the second to last looks like the eye of sauron. also, predators with slit eyes are primarily ambush hunters.

Princess Cinderella - Disney Princess Photo (6392327) - Fanpop

Wallpaper and background photos of Princess Cinderella for fans of Disney Princess images.

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Just adding to my knowledge of strange animals :)

Animals you thought never existed. I knew about the Maned Wolf, the Star-nose Mole, and the Blob fish. I think everyone knew about the Naked Mole rat (Kim Possible). The octopus is my fav:)