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▶ Naissance bébé hippopotame - YouTube

▶ Naissance bébé hippopotame - YouTube

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Hippo having a snack. ponderation: "Wild Wildlife" by Raissa Scholz Portela

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Hippo.. oh can't you see there's a bird on meeeee…..

Savouring the sausages by Marc Mol. Old deposed bull, out early on the riverbank to get the pick of freshly dropped suasage fruits. Accompanied by red and yellow-billed oxpeckers.

The Truth About Grassfed Beef by John Robbins. "you’ll see why I’ve concluded that grassfed is indeed better.  But then, almost anything would be.  Putting beef cattle in feedlots and feeding them grain may actually be one of the dumbest ideas in the history of western civilization."

The Truth About Grassfed Beef

government data says raw milk is safe and may be better than pasteurized milk from cows raised in concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs).

Black rhino - Despite their name, black rhinos and white rhinos are the same color – brownish gray.

A Black Rhinoceros or hook-lipped rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis) in Kariega Game Reserve, South Africa. May God protect this beautiful animal from poachers.


Wildlife photography workshops, safaris, talks and fine art prints by Nikon Ambassador, and acclaimed photographer, Richard Peters.

Photo by Iqbaldi Islan

hippopotamus opening mouthed, black white photograph ok, hippos terrify me now.don't ever watch Africa's Deadliest Show ! You'll never be able to dream the same again.


Did you know that there are five different species of rhinoceros? Apart from the two species native to Africa the famous Black Rhinoceros, White Rhinoceros