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We would have so much fun playin on this, yes I would play on it too lol this is literally the best thing ever invented for cats to play with!!!!!!!

it never occurred to me to attach a cat bed to the wall. I really am going to create some shelving/play stuff for Norman cuz it's my house and my cat and dammit I do what I please.

Just Cats Clinic in Reston, VA Gets Catified

DrJ:This community was fortunate to have a vet med-centered team commit time, expertise, $ and love. Not only will it meet the primary goal of getting more kitties seen and adopted but also grow an education-through-entertainment public service. A destination for all ages to be able to watch and learn safely and less rambunctiously from outside the space e.g. little tykes, special needs or fragile loved ones. I would have loved to have slung a lawn chair over my back, grabbed nom nom's and…