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Spiral Way Jin Shin Jyutsu: Sweet Dreams... "Your life is a reflection of how you sleep, and how you sleep is a reflection of your life." ~Dr. Rafael Pelayo

No Sleepless Nights! How to Put Someone to Sleep Using Pressure Points

Lack of sleep can affect your personal and professional life and trigger various health problems. While there are many medicinal ways to cure insomnia, one of the natural remedies is using pressure points to induce sleep.

In today's world, balancing school, work, kids and more, most of us can only hope for the recommended eight hours of sleep. Examining the science behind our body's internal clock, Jessa Gamble reveals the surprising and substantial program of rest we should be observing. #painsomnia #crps #awareness #ourjourney #chronicpain #Nervember #chronicillnessproplems #spoonie PLEASE ✔Like ✔Share ✔Comment