Vintage Display - ironstone, wooden spoons and silver - via Vintage Mellie

Shabby Love / wooden spoons in ironstone creamers. I really like the look of wooden spoons. Ironstone is so hard to find these days.

A Vignette to Display Oma's Silver

vintage silver, glassware and silver tray. I love tarnished vintage silver trays to anchor anything from a coffee table, to on top of a dresser or in a washroom. Never enough quality trays. Gallery trays being my passion

Vintage green-handled kitchen utensils

Vintage Green-handled Kitchen Utensils Collection in a Green Depression Glass Ice Bucket with Wire Handle .

ironstone butter pats

Ironstone Butter Pat Collection - The Tin Rabbit: Collections and a Gift from Lori~

old tin cookie cutters and molds in a vintage glass jar.  Maybe for the things I don't use much

A New Vintage Kitchen Vignette