Serene view of the crescent shaped port of Hydra,Greece (island). I took this photo August 2010 with my cellphone. The weather was perfect during my 3 week vacation. No motor vehicles are permitted on the island.. Donkeys,horses & mules transport most supplies You can take the low cost water taxi to visit other villages. We enjoyed the beach at Mandraki...20 minutes away. View my personal photos from Greece. Click photo and view 'Slideshow' Full Screen.

View from leading hotel on the island of Hydra,Greece. Stunning view of the famous crescent shaped harbor-port. Hydra does not permit any motor vehicles except for a few municipal garbage trucks.Pollution free,excellent boutique hotels and unique dining experiences in the Saronic Gulf of the Aegean Sea. Visit my personal photo album from my 3 weeks in the Greek Islands. Click Photo:

Here is a great view of the main port and shopping area on the island of Hydra,Greece. During my 3 weeks in this Aegean paradise..the weather was perfect daily. The warm sea waters felt therapeutic. cars nor motor vehicles are donkeys,horses & mules transport items,people and luggage.Great restaurants & hotels & beaches. Hydra (pronounced "EE-druh") is a destination worth considering. See my photos. from Greece.view slideshow 'Full Screen'. Click this photo:

My 3 week vacation on Hydra (island) Greece-August and September 2010 was so relaxing. Perfect weather. No motor vehicles permitted..thus no major noise nor pollution. Here is my photo from the hillside villas overlooking the main port. Hydra is trendy. Many celebrities,actors,authors and artists visit. Only 90 minutes from Athens port by high speed boat. Check out my photos of Greece. Click Photo. View as 'SLIDESHOW' Full-Screen for best detail.

Beautiful pathway near the main port on the island of Hydra,Greece. Less than 90 minutes from Athens by high speed motor vehicles are permitted,except for a few municipal garbage trucks. Wonderful restaurants,bars,nightlife and beaches. No traffic = no pollution. Click photo and view my personal photos from my 3 week holiday here in 2010.

I walked pass this elegant mansion along the coastal road between the main port of Hydra,Greece and my favorite beach area at Mandraki. Greece (Hydra Island) If you are considering a vacation to the Greek islands..I highly recommend spending at least 2 or 3 days here. NO cars permitted. Very peaceful with great dining options. Click the picture to check out my photo albums. -

Hydra,Greece. Tranquil island 90 minutes from Athens by high speed boat. Traffic cars,trucks or motorized vehicles permitted. The low fare local water taxis whisk you to other parts of the island. Many local hotels offer 'pensions'..or monthly rental apartments..some with stunning terrace views. I found that the warm Aegean Sea water was 'therapeutic.'A perfect vacation.Click photo to see my personal travel photos album from Greece.

Slightly blurry..yet charming view of Dutch tourist to the island of Hydra,Greece. This is the port of the primary town of Hydra. Donkeys,horses and mules transport items and people. Motor vehicles are forbidden..except for a few municipal garbage trucks. Located 90 minutes from Athens port of Piraeus by high speed hydrafoil boat.

We were walking back to the main port on the island of Hydra,Greece..after swimming at the small beach at Avlaki. This coastal road rises in we had to walk down 78 steps to reach the swimming area. It was worth it. The Aegean Sea was warm and clear. The port is crescent shaped..and the view in the background is what all visitors see upon boat arrival from Athens.

View from our apartment terrace in Pension Erofili (small boutique hotel) Hydra, Greece. The stunning island does not permit motorized vehicles, nor bicycles. Donkeys, mules and horses transport most heavy items. Low cost water taxis take visitors to other parts of Hydra.

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